Hearing Services

In-Office Repairs to Ensure Your Device's Optimal Fit & Function

Because hearing instruments are subjected to moisture, dirt, earwax and various other kinds of debris not to mention everyday physical handling by the wearer, most hearing aid users will eventually require professional repair services of some kind. The Penticton Hearing Aid Centre services all of the quality hearing aids we sell, offering in-office repairs to ensure your device's optimal fit and function. Our knowledgeable staff can also give you maintenance advice to help you keep your device running properly.

Get Your Hearing Checked by Our Professionals

The Penticton Hearing Aid Centre also offers on-site hearing tests administered by our trained and experienced professionals. During our hearing test, you can expect us to measure your hearing sensitivities at various frequencies, as well as your ear canal's shape, in order to ensure the best fit for our devices. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or should you have any questions about our evaluation process.

Take Our Hearing Self-Evaluation

If you identify with any or all of the following statements, perhaps it's time you schedule a professional hearing test with us:

  • I sometimes miss hearing my telephone or doorbell ring.
  • I have problems hearing voices over my telephone or on my TV.
  • I have difficulties following conversations, especially with two or more people talking simultaneously or in a noisy background such as a party.
  • I have trouble hearing things when a normal speaking voice is used.
  • It feels like everyone mumbles or speaks unclearly around me.
  • I often have to ask people to repeat themselves.
  • I sometimes get confused about where sounds come from or what people have said to me.
  • Friends or family members have complained I turn up my television volume too high.
  • Friends or family members have suggested I may have some hearing loss issues.

Schedule an Appointment for a Hearing Test

The Penticton Hearing Aid Centre would love to hear from you. To request more information or to schedule an appointment for our reliable hearing services, please contact us by giving us a call or by filling out the form below at your convenience. One of our courteous, knowledgeable staff members will answer your inquiry as soon as possible, usually within 2-3 business days. We also accept walk-ins. Our wheelchair-accessible facility is easily reached by car and public transportation and offers free customer parking.

Our Service Area Includes:

  • Penticton
  • South Okanagan & surrounding areas